FROZEN is created by Adolfo Muro. The company stars its activities with the production of frozen fishes and seafood for the local market. The acquisition of the San Miguel plant marks a first step in the company development.


FROZEN successfully enters the international market with its first exports to North America and the French Caribbean


FROZEN’s exports are intensifying and become from now on the driving force of the company. FROZEN receives the PERUVIAN COMPANY OF THE YEAR award in the fishing industry category.


FROZEN’s achievements are once again recognized and the company receives once again the PERUVIAN COMPANY OF THE YEAR award.


The company keeps on growing relying on its dynamic export activity. FROZEN expands its products’ portfolio with the production of frozen fruits and vegetables.


To sustain its important growth, FROZEN invests on the construction of a new plant located in the Callao harbor area. The new plant is inaugurated in May 2009 and allows the company to triplicate its production capacity.


In order to strengthen its positioning on the international market, FROZEN participates to the Global Seafood Exposition in Brussels. 2010 also marks a further step in the company development with the first imports from Asia.


FROZEN activities intensify both locally and internationally. The company keeps on promoting its products by participating each year to the Global Seafood Exposition.


As a part of its development strategy, FROZEN starts the construction of a cold-storage warehouse. This 1500 tons storage capacity warehouse will support the company growth.